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Our Values define us as a company, if we can take the complexities of a business and reduce it down to the bare essentials, these are the things that make up who we are and how we conduct ourselves.

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SmartPays’ emphasis on service is what separates us from all other processors.  We focus on visiting with the business owner to set up their terminal and to ensure they are properly trained on how to use the equipment. We also help them understand their statements and fees to their satisfaction and provide support seven days a week. Since we have less departments than large corporations, we have faster response times and Relationship Managers that meet with them on a quarterly basis.


chiliLocal businesses outperform large corporations when it comes to outstanding service; this too is the SmartPay difference!

* Local Business   * Local Support

* Local Relationship Managers

* Local Phone Number

* Faster Response Time



We are committed to helping our local homeless shelter. This shelter provides housing and supportive services to women and children who are striving to break the cycle of homelessness. A portion of your fees that you pay on a monthly basis for credit card processing will go on to help end homelessness for Women and Children.

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The majority of your business revenue is going to come from your credit card terminal, don’t settle on some out of touch, out of state corporation. Be careful with those Big Banks trying to sell you a bunch of products you don’t need and where all the bankers have a sales goal and you have a big target on your back. Watch out for Post Card Processors you have never heard of. Check if the processor you are going with has their own local website, if not you could be in for a ride of unpleasant customer service because more than likely that processor is not local. Ask the question, if your terminal breaks on a Friday evening, how quickly can they replace it? Get your Free Quote Now!

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Are you frustrated with fees and statements you don’t understand with your current merchant provider? Are you now stuck into a contract you can’t get out of and the pricing is different than what you were quoted? Did your Merchant Representative sell you on switching over and you have never seen him since?  Does the support you receive consist of dialing through a tangled phone tree of options only to talk to somebody overseas? Get your Free Account Review today!

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An average statistic put out by Visa/MasterCard says,” If you don’t take credit cards you will lose an average of 35% of your business, but by accepting credit cards you will grow your business by 35%”.

 Customers spend more when they pay with credit cards and are no longer limited to the cash in their pocket. It also eliminates the risk of accepting a bad check, which leads to a loss of revenue and another fee by your bank. Accepting credit cards offers an extra layer of service and convenience to your customers. You can’t afford not to do it!

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